Bugatti for sale, Ducati as well?

In addition to Bugatti, Volkswagen may also Consider Selling Ducati: What’s Happening?


A few weeks, it was reported that the Volkswagen Group was trying to sell Bugatti to Rimac in exchange for Porsche to have 49% of the Croatian manufacturer of electric hypercars, so they would still continue to “half” control Bugatti through those in Stuttgart, but above all by benefiting from Rimac’s electrification technology, in addition to getting rid of the CO2 emissions that Bugatti supposes. However, that maneuver was only the first act of the work of the German consortium, because according to Reuters reports, there are serious rumors that Ducati is for sale.

Today, Volkswagen is strongly betting on hybridization and electrification of its entire range of models, something that requires costly investments, both in research and development, as well as in adaptation of the different production plants, this being the immediate priority of the German conglomerate given the course of the current panorama, especially in terms of legislation. In fact, and to put some figures on the table, Volkswagen plans to invest a total of 33,000 million euros in electric mobility by 2024, of which 1,500 million have been necessary to transform the Zwickau plant into an exclusive factory for electric vehicles, in which the ID.3 and ID.4 are manufactured today.

On the other hand, Wolfsburg could benefit from selling not only Bugatti and Ducati, but also Lamborghini, according to the spread rumors, keeping its more ostentatious and less respectful brands with the environment to position themselves as an ecologically committed manufacturer.

Likewise, we must not lose sight of the burden in terms of CO2 emissions that these three brands represent in the global calculation of the Volkswagen Group and the large fines that it could face for this under the new CAFE regulations approved by the European Union the limit of 95 grams, although it is true that these penalties could directly translate into an increase in the price of the models sold under those brands, something acceptable for supercars, but is it acceptable for one that sells motorcycles at 10,000 euros an increase of a thousand euros?

Let’s remember that Ducati was acquired by the Germans in 2012 through Audi for 860 million euros to compete with BMW. For now, Volkswagen is silent, without confirming the rumors, nor knowing possible interested parties for the Borgo Panigale company.

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