Brand New Limousine: The 710 HP “Hyper-Limousine” Makes Its Debut


The Palladium is the latest project by the Italian Aznom. The high-wheeled limousine combines luxury with power to adapt to different types of terrain. The Monza atelier will produce 10 customized examples of this model, which will be made using artisanal techniques on the specific request of each customer.

Defined by its creators as a “hyper-limousine”, the car derives from the Atulux project of 2018, a three-volume reincarnation of an American pick-up that uses the mechanics of the Ram. The Palladium, in fact, is itself born on the basis of the Ram 1500, as can be seen from the design of the dashboard. The engine is a V8 5.7 developed with a twin-turbo kit from the Monza Garage and capable of delivering 710 HP and 950 Nm of torque.

Equipped with an automatic transmission with reduced gears and four-wheel drive, the Palladium can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds despite an unladen mass of 2,621 kg, while the speed is self-limited to 210 km/h. The braking system supplied by Brembo uses 408 mm front discs, with six-piston calipers that have forced the adoption of 22 “rims combined with 285/45 tires.

Italian design and craftsmanship

After the Atulux, the Aznom idea of creating a niche model for enthusiasts looking for an unstoppable but, at the same time, luxurious and exclusive vehicle, has been further developed with this model, the result of a completely customized design in two years of work. The limousine measures 5.96 meters long and a 3.67 wheelbase. Height and width reach 1.97 and 2.08 meters respectively. The line comes from the Camal Studio in Turin and focuses on the imposing shapes of a high-wheeled vehicle.

Foglizzo leather from top to bottom: But it is inside the cockpit that the luxurious soul of the project emerges. If the dashboard is the standard one in terms of controls and equipment, the finishes have instead been completely revised, with the rear area made from scratch: here, specifically, in addition to a real sofa, there are also two tablets Surface X Pro, a gold and palladium chronograph integrated into the console, the retractable refrigerated compartment and a separate air conditioning system from the front one. All the details, including the roof, are covered in Foglizzo leather, while the door panels are embellished with displays that control the main onboard functions.

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