Availability and Price of the Yamaha TMax 20th Anniversary


Just less than a month ago, Yamaha presented the T Max 560 20th anniversary edition to celebrate twenty years of the birth of one of the best-selling scooters in Europe every year during these two decades, reaching almost 300,000 units.

Limited to 560 units, the displacement of the scooter, each unit will wear a plate with the corresponding numbering within the limited series.

Among the most distinguished features of this 20th anniversary T-Max 560 stands out the Tech Graphite gray color, unique for this model, the carbon fiber elements, yellow details and the bronze-colored wheels.

In the news about its launch you will find more photos and details. However, what we could not tell you is the availability and price of the Yamaha T-Max 20th anniversary.

If you were waiting for it, this limited edition scooter will be available in the market starting from today, March 31, at a price of 16,799 euros.