All About Automotive Industry: 5 Useful Technologies


The technologies of the future are becoming a reality and day by day they revolutionize safety and care for the environment through the automotive industry, with brands concerned about being at the forefront and offering better products, so we will list the most recognized by México Automotriz.


Semi-autonomous Driving

We imagined years ago to have smart cars that would facilitate the way to move them. Today brands like Tesla have attracted great attention in this area, but other manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Nissan and Volvo have similar systems. It is expected that in the coming years, more brands will join the list with technologies of this type, however the most important work is on drivers, so that they have the confidence to leave control of their cars to the technologies proposed by firms.


Collision Control

In our cities, vehicular traffic increases considerably every year, stress and unconsciousness among many other factors contribute to the cause of accidents, so the advance in preventive sensors, braking systems, not only in private vehicles, but in heavy equipment. They have come a long way, Volvo and Lexus recently introduced active driving systems that not only keep the vehicle in its lane, but also maneuver to avoid potential collisions.


Models with Wireless Charging Systems

Another concern of the car industry is the environment, having electric cars has been a reality for a long time, but these charging systems continue to evolve, not only for cars, but for the devices we use inside, such as cell phones, Toyota incorporated into its vehicles of the highest range, charging units where the driver only has to get into the car, put their phone in the wireless charging base and let it charge while driving, without the need to connect cables.

Soon we will also be able to charge the battery of our cars in this same way.


Smart Parking

They make life easier for us, at least for people who struggle with “parking techniques”, if it is true that for a few years we have heard about automatic parking systems, but now it is not just about that. For example, Bosh currently is working on developing systems that will make the sensors detect free parking spaces. This information can be shared on collaborative maps. This will not only make the city driving experience easier, it will reduce traffic.


Automatic Update

Until now, few companies, including Tesla, had cars that updated their software or browser automatically. Now, with Autopilot technology, the industry will begin to bypass machine shops for their systems to update automatically.