Aether, an Electric Motorcycle and a Vacuum Cleaner at the Same Time


The Aether is an electric motorcycle project, an idea by Taiwanese designer Lin Yu Cheng to achieve the world’s greenest electric motorcycle. So, at the moment, there is no plan to manufacture it, but here is the idea.

The carbon footprint of a product/vehicle, one of the greatest environmental concerns, not only speaks of the emissions produced by it, but also of the CO2 that is emitted into the atmosphere for its manufacture.

With this in mind, Yu Cheng has designed a motorcycle with a zero carbon footprint during use, and he intends that its use counteract the carbon footprint generated during its manufacture. 


The proposal is to create the Aether, an electric motorcycle that has an air filtering system on the sides of its fairing, which is powered by front intakes.

In this way the motorcycle filters and purifies the air as it goes, thus “amortizing” its manufacturing carbon footprint.

But, of course, this configuration is not aerodynamic at all, so this electric motorcycle will consume more energy than a conventional motorcycle.

Apart from this good intention, the Aether also promises wireless charging, which would be quite an innovation, thanks to some sensors installed in its keel.

For the rest, it is a conventional electric motorcycle project, with a very daring and attractive design, like that of the BMW E04, saving the distances.