4 Tips to Choose the Best Motorcycle Riding Helmet


In case you like riding and ride a lot, you need to pay attention to the process of choosing a motorcycle helmet in a proper way. Whatever type of motorcycle you choose, you should always wear a helmet, although you have probably had many doubts about what type of helmet you should use.

So, how to choose a motorcycle helmet correctly?

Here are 4 tips that you should keep in mind when choosing a motorcycle helmet.


The helmet must be comfortable

Closely linked to size and weight, comfort is essential. Avoid purchasing a helmet that is heavy, annoying or that does not fit well on your head. Perhaps those annoyances are a sign that it is not really the safest helmet for you. Try it on as many times as you think necessary.


Anti-fog helmet to prevent the screen from fogging

In very humid areas or with very large thermal fluctuations, it is advisable to use helmets that include the anti-fog system. The one known as Pin-Lock is the most common and most of the approved helmets are prepared to include it.

This innovation consists of a screen that is installed inside the helmet’s visor and creates an area, as if it were a vacuum, where moisture cannot penetrate. In this way, the helmet visor does not fog up.

There are other anti-fog systems on the market such as the “mist retardant”, but with use it loses its effect. Another gadget that helps prevent fogging are the nostrils, since they allow the heat of our breath to evacuate.


Choose the helmet size that best suits your head

One of the most important sections when choosing your motorcycle helmet is the size, since in 20% of serious accidents, the helmet is fired due to having incorrect fasteners.

The motorcycle helmet should not put excessive pressure on the head, but it should not be too loose, because otherwise it will be thrown off in an accident.

A trick to know if it is our appropriate size, is that the cheekbones must be tight. In addition, with prolonged use of the helmet, the soft part of the interior gives way and there is more space, something to keep in mind so that in a few weeks our helmet does not ‘dance’ and can be easily detached.


Helmet safety features

In addition to the materials of the Carlota to improve the resistance of the helmets, it is very important that the closure of the helmet is double ring since it is the safest system, according to the studies carried out. However, micrometric closures are much more comfortable but also more insecure against large blows.

And when you drive your motorcycle frequently, you may have doubts about how your motorcycle insurance damage coverage for the helmet works. Depending on the type of motorcycle insurance you have contracted, you will have one type of coverage or another.