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Stas Radzievskiy

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Stas-sax 4 years, 7 months ago
Stas Radzievskiy, 33 years old
I drive Holden Commodore Vegetable
My former car - Toyota Chaser drift chaser
Sydney, Surry Hills


Hi, thank you for visiting my page. My name is Stas. I'm a Sydney based saxophonist available to play at gigs in the Sydney area. I have more then ten years experience working as musician. I play jazz, house, popular music covers, famous romantic melodies and also improvise along with DJ.

I can offer several options of performing:

- Sax solo with backing track (my backing tracks are all good quality and with my sax it sounds excellent, and moreover it is very accessible to many people as they have to pay only for one musician)

- Sax + DJ (house music)

- Duet (sax + piano)

- Live jazz band

For bookings or more info please call/text me +61 0468350216 (Sydney)

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