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Nicole Star

Here we up!Time cannot be stopped...
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Lady Star 5 years, 1 month ago
Nicole Star, 33 years old
I drive Toyota Mark II fast car, Volkswagen Golf New project and Volkswagen Golf 2JZ RWD
Sydney, far from home

Posted 16 August 2012

Blog of new maker » GT-SHOP and Sydney Dragway

When Sydney Dragway opened its gates for the first time back in 2004, drag racing

I distinctly remember towing back down the return road and looking out the window to see fans leaning over the fence clapping and cheering. What was even more amazing, they were clapping and cheering for me, a middle aged man driving a Camira in everyone's favourite bracket Super Gas!

Times changed. From the initial fan fare, the popularity of the venue dropped noticeably in subsequent years. The friction between track management and the racers and the loss of numerous events to wet weather both contributed to the general decline.

Couple this with a financial downturn and growing competition for mum and dad's entertainment dollar and you've got a combination of factors that are going to put any business to the test.

At the beginning of 2010 things weren't looking that flash for Sydney Dragway. Things needed to change and quickly.

Enter Ray Treasure. Long time drag racer who earned his stripes at Ravenswood Raceway, Ray joined the management team at Sydney Dragway in 2010, after 7 years successfully managing the drag racing events at the Perth Motorplex.

Ray explains. "Perth has a very strong management team and I sort of got to a level where I was happy with how the track was operating, where we were getting very good entry numbers and very good events running. I didn't specifically leave the Motorplex to come to Sydney, however being in the industry we knew things weren't all that great over here. I was willing to offer them some help while I was looking for a job, but then I got a call from the management to come over and we sat and talked about it."

"I knew there was a lot of work needed to done because there was actually nobody in my position dedicated to looking after the racing and the racers. So there was a big void, where there was no contact from the races through to the management and I filled that void. It's a big challenge, a major challenge but now I think we are starting to see the rewards of that."


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