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Jessica 5 years, 5 months ago
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Posted 09 January 2013

Blog of mine » Ethics Code

A code of business ethics often focuses on social issues. It may set out general principles about an organizations beliefs on matters such as mission, quality, privacy, or the environment. It may delineate proper procedures to determine whether a violation of the code of ethics has occurred and, if so, what remedies should be imposed. The effectiveness of such codes of ethics depends on the extent to which management supports them with sanctions and rewards. Violations of a private organizations code of ethics usually can subject the violator to the organizations remedies (such as restraint of trade based on moral principles). The code of ethics links to and gives rise to a code of conduct for employees. Basically business ethics deal with the moral beliefs of the owners of the business towards the employees

code of ethics(business of ethics) focus on social issue of organization. It focuses on development of business, mission of business, plan of business development, it determines privacy, environment and great plan to deliver business at the top level.


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Where this picture has been taken?

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