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Toyota Chaser

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And555 4 years, 12 months ago
Andrey Taran, 41 years old
I drive Nissan GT-R JDM
My former car - Toyota Chaser FourV 2JZ-GTE
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii, snow

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03 April 2013
I come back from holidays and received parcel with new brakes Brembo (6 pistons front and 4 pistons rear). This is the first position in plan what to do during the winter.
Reasons for upgrade:
1. Good brakes are essential.
2. Got it for low price.
3. I have no transbrake and it is essential when brakes can hold all power on start line

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03 April 2013
The car is almost finished. Exterior finished completely, but unfortunately I have no photos of rear part.
Generally, I happy with everything I’ve got.
Exhaust pipe still is not ready and I have to leave 430cc injectors because 1200cc is broken((((

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01 January 2013

It is a first time I spent in my garage after long break. In overall, almost everything is ready under the bonnet except intake, exhaust pipe and oil lines for turbo.
Additionally, connector to throttle position sensor needs to be repined.
I disappointed that n/a throttle cord is not compatible with turbo engine.
Intake filter fitted as it has to be.
I planning to fill all liquids in engine and then crank it. If everything will look fine, will tow my car to my friend’s garage to finish exhaust pipe and exterior!

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